Replacement Pipette Parts



Replace worn, broken, or missing parts for most brands/models of pipetters at guaranteed lowest prices. Check us out and see how much you can save!  Parts for Gilson, Rainin, Pipetman, Eppendorf, Finnpipette, Denville Scientifiic, Biohit, GENEMate, BrandTech and others for single & multi-channel pipetters, Repeaters as well as Pipet-Aids and dispensers.

Let University Pipette Service  be your parts supplier.

Get free shipping with any order of $50.00 or more. (All product groups combinable)


We offer pipetter shafts, commonly known as "tip holders", at greatly reduced prices. 

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Seals and O-rings

We offer most seals manufactured with Teflon®  to assure prolonged usage and greater resistance to organic solvents like phenol and chloroform.

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We guarantee lowest pricing on most instruments utilizing NiMH, Li-Ion, NiCd, LiPo and NiPo single cell batteries as well as multi-cell battery packs. Standard and Rechargeable. Many offered with a lifetime warranty!

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Miscellaneous Parts

Have a worn, frayed, or missing Friction (Tension) Ring. Ours are Teflon®-coated to resist breakdown from commonly used organic chemicals like phenol and chloroform. Friction Rings are offered with a lifetime warranty.

Need to replace a missing thumb plunger button? Look no further!

We also stock tip ejector rods and assemblies. Inquire about other pipetter parts not listed. We probably have it in stock or can likely get it at reduced pricing.

Need help installing any parts?   We are here to help! Contact us for free technical assistance ....and while you're at it ....schedule a free performance evaluation.  NO obligation. Know the condition and calibration status of your pipetters, and scales, at three volume levels, using NIST traceable weights.

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We "measure" up to your expectations℠